A reading list for Sanchi

Now, I didn't forget my friend's Sanchi's birthday. I just got the date wrong. This isn't my way of saying happy birthday, I did call her and wish her. However, it's a start to a proper apology. Recently she asked me for a reading list on philosophy, so I thought I might as well share… Continue reading A reading list for Sanchi

Starting afresh

We're going to have more of a personal blog post. It's no secret that I do date and that I'm not that successful in dating. Well, I'm still single. The point of the game is to no longer need to play the game, if that makes any sense. Recently on my travels, I was able… Continue reading Starting afresh


My trip to Malawi, was based off my plan to go back to Umhlanga, where I grew up. I had grown tired that of having birthdays in the cold miserable weather of the UK. My childhood birthdays (4-13) had the minimum of one of the following: an ice-cream cake, a pool party or some form… Continue reading Homecoming

We Need to Talk India

Mumbai Calling Smog India, well Mumbai really, is becoming my favourite place to see and spend time in. To those who have know me for a very long time, that is probably surprising. I would go to the ends of the Earth to watch the cricket team, but the actual country has always been more… Continue reading We Need to Talk India

Shu Thayu

Those Bollywood nightsWhere memories old helped form the newWe both cut shapes on the floorWalking out of the bar into the crisp autumn air Across the river is the train homeWe pause, not because we can't turn backRather we fear what happens if we boardDo we turn our lives upside-down to chase the dream of… Continue reading Shu Thayu

Why I am Jealous of Brown Girls on Instagram

The rise of positive brown girls on social media is a phenomenon that I am not just in awe of, but as desi guy something that I envy. The global desi community in the past and present is a patriarchal society. As we slowly shift away from this misogynist way of life, the role of… Continue reading Why I am Jealous of Brown Girls on Instagram