Entry 17

Sal Mubarak everyone, I am wishing you all a wonderful year ahead.

The first thing to note is that I shall be on my reading week next week and therefore there is no plan to blog anything. However, as the work load is adding up, I’ll be actually working on my coursework and shall be preparing more cases to stay on top of my work.
Back to today, it started off with a criminal law lecture and it was was just a continuation of causation. If we can consider interventions (or lack of interventions) by victim part of the breakage of causation. Nothing spectacular.

This was followed by contract law which was just going over question set.

I ended the academic day with public law, where we examined the possibility of Parliament binding itself and the Diceyan Orthodoxy. What made this interesting was the notion of entrenchment and how this is implemented. I think that the case of Northern Ireland fits well here, as the Northern Irish Assembly is still in disarray and Westminster is using direct rule. While there is a procedurally possibility of this situation going away, due to the conflict between the two main parties this makes it more of a substantial entrenchment situation. Given the lack of word space I’ll try and cover this in more detail next week.

Otherwise, thank you for your support.


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