Entry 25

Wow, it’s been 25 whole days. Five weeks. That’s seems far longer than it feels. Honestly, it’s a bit of a wake up for how short this course is. It’s what John (course admin) said to me; it’s just a nine month blast through hell. Now that’s a pretty accurate statement.

Now today started off with Criminal Law, which was about finishing off Strict Liability and then starting Homicide (discussing it, not practicing). Criminal law was my first piece of coursework (on strict liability), it was quite helpful as the main focus of the essay was on causation, which is the first part of examining homicide. This meant that I didn’t have to write down as many cases compared to some of the people next to me.

Afterwards I had contract law and thankfully I have been spending some extra time on it this week. Nothing extraordinary happened other than going through the questions. The good thing is that the lecturer doesn’t try to show off their extra knowledge. Just get to the point. This does not mean that we don’t spend time on the questions, but rather we delve into a question in all the possibilities, but with no tangents.

Finally I had public law tutorial, which was split into two parts. Firstly we had to create a mini presentation in class about the first set of readings, in this case the scope of law and the scope of democracy. Luckily I had brought my laptop and was able to lift some of my old essays on democracy; which helped out the group. The second half of the class was more traditional going over the Liversidge case. Lord Atkins had used an example of Humpty Dumpty from Alice in the looking glass to dessent. I’ve already seen it from Hillary Pitman in analytical philosophy at Essex and to be honest with you ,I’m kicking myself for not realising this in class! Hopefully I will next time.

Now I’m on my way home from the England game and typed this on my phone. So I am sorry if there are spelling or grammar mistakes, which are normally not seen in my blog.

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