The sheen of white light from the sunrise alarm
The land of impossible reflections
The trace, just a haze of thoughts I might recall
Groggily I figure out what I said
Author to a mystery I only know

Life is such a joke

They say that your brain is problem sovling
This just adds another one to the plate
My list is definitely more than 99
Won’t stop me. Have to keep grinding
For what? I’m not sure, but life ain’t waiting

Stumbling around

I believe that I have the solution
Not just to my 99 plus problems..much more
The issue to the solution…what question now?
What is the point to resolve, without strife?
Are we not the result of constant failure?


We know what a dead end job entails
Is a dead end life just the same outcome?
There is no escaping what we all face
We all face the demise of our soul’s limit
The only thing we control is our arrival

What to do with time?

Our reality is just God hiding
That is what the scripture says about life
In lucid dreams we can escape this illusion
Not about death, but that we are bound here
There is nothing to fear, as we all shall pass

Be unique. Be Free

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