Lock Down

Like most people in the world, I’ve been stuck in my home for most of the day. It’s alright to be honest. I’m occasionally late to work, I’m cooking similar meals, talking to long lost friends and reading a lot more.

I’ve been taking my camera with me when I go on the same walk and been dabbling with my photography skills. It’s improving, less usage of the auto mode and more playing around with the settings. I do think that getting a good tripod is definitely high on my wish list.

Leisure time

One of the main things that the lock down has meant, is a lot of extra leisure time. And i don’t always feel productive, but I do feel more relaxed. I’ve been able to clear my mind and focus on what I actually want.

I’ve been practicing my Gujarati and I am able to read the script and write ; though understanding what I am reading is another matter. Baby steps.

Been struggling to read since I finished a Suitable Boy, it’s hard to enjoy a book, though I’ve been reading Private Eye again which is an absolute gem of a paper. If you’ve never read it before, I highly recommend it. However, do note that it’s very British centric.


The podcast is going well and I’m really glad that it’s still going. I’m sure Kiran already knows this, but it is honestly the highlight of my week when I get to chat with him about something weird or a talk to a guest and here about their experiences

Anything else?

Still dieting and losing weight. Coming up to the four months mark. Could I do this forever? Maybe. Do I want to do this forever? I doubt it. I miss bread sooo much!

Stay safe everyone.

One thought on “Lock Down

  1. Same situation here! Lots of open time that I’m trying to use wisely… feels like we’ve been given extra time to pursue those things we always said we’d get to. Like you, I’ve been trying to get back into learning my Hindi, and starting some side coding projects for fun. Great to hear you’re dabbling in photography too! All the best old friend 🙂


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