About Me

If you had to sum me up in a word it would only be eccentric.

If you had to sum me up in a word it would only be eccentric. I mean, come on who starts to write a blog about their experience at University with the aim being a crap shot at improving their job prospects? This idiot right here! Just an update for you guys, not a single person who I sent an application read my blog. I know, because I saw no rise in the number of views to blog; given the amount of jobs I applied to you would have expected someone to click the link on the CV.

I called myself a Third Culture Kid (or child) as I have grown up in Southern Africa, the Middle East and boarding school in the UK; with my parents being East African and grew up in the UK (cheers Amin), but culturally my family is Indian: well Gujarati to be precise. This is highlighted in the way I support sports teams; in football it’s England, rugby it’s the Springboks and cricket, which is my second religion (Hinduism being my #1), it’s India.

Generally in life; I’ve always regarded myself as too lucky! I’ve got a great set of friends, a wonderful family, food, shelter and clean water. That’s more than most people wish for! Let’s just say that I’m blessed with wealth.

My Bachelor’s is PPE (note, not Personal Protection Equipment) and I have finished my Master’s in Democracy and Comparative Politics. I’ve completed the GDL. Hence I can argue almost any position, how well just depends on how much I care. You can ask my former housemate Nathan how I could link every invention to the consumption of bread (no matter how convoluted).

In my free time, I enjoy listening to podcasts, reading, cooking (I’m vegetarian, if being from a Gujarati background didn’t give it away) and most importantly: supporting  Tottenham Hotspur (though I’ve given up my season ticket due to costs). I also play badminton, tennis and, as of writing, looking for a touch rugby team to join.

I’ve always regarded myself as too lucky!

Finally: Don’t Panic, It’s Hanik.