If you had to sum me up in a word it would only be eccentric. I mean, come on who writes a blog about their experience at University with the aim being a crap shot at improving their job prospects.

I called myself a Third Culture Kid (or child) as I have grown up in Southern Africa, the Middle East and boarding school in the UK; with my parents being East African and grew up in the UK (cheers Amin), but culturally my family is Indian. This is highlighted in the way I support sports teams: in football it’s England, rugby it’s the Springboks and cricket it’s India.

My Bachelor’s is PPE (note, not Personal Protection Equipment) and I have finished my Master’s in Democracy and Comparative Politics. Hence I can argue almost any position, how well just depends on how much I care. You can ask my former housemate how I could link every invention to the consumption of bread (no matter how convoluted).

In my free time, I enjoy listening to podcasts, reading and most importantly: supporting  Tottenham Hotspur.

Finally; don’t panic,  it’s Hanik.