Omar Zakhilwal

Former Afghan finance minister Omar Zakhilwal An unpopular decision to be pragmatic, is usually the best way to ensure peace and stability in a post war conflict. Being able to hold someone accountable, requires being respected by the other side. USA military withdrawal resulted in a military take over the country, instead of a political resolution … Continue reading Omar Zakhilwal

Andrei Kelin

Russia’s ambassador to the UK, Andrei Kelin.Russia is only communicating with the Taliban as it is taking a realist point of view. Relationships with the West and particularly the UK is strenuous. Tit for tat proposals, trying to show that Russia has force across the world, not just it's sphere of influence. 

Paula Kahumbu

Paula Kahumbu is the CEO for WildlifeDirect, Kenya.The issue with conservation in Kenya is the how we deal with industrialisation and modernisation of the economy.On the path to zero carbon and growth, it is the close contact and lack of buffer between animals and humans that cause us the most problems. 

Papaya Jam recipe:

Ingredients:5 Kilos of papya,1 kg of sugar5-10 tablespoons of lemon juice26g of pectin Recipe Peel, deseed 5 kilos of ripe papaya.Mush three kilos, roughly chop the remaining two kilos.Place on stove and boil, while constantly stirring.Once it starts to boil;Add 13g of pectin powder after boiling.Stir in pectin.Add 1kg of brown sugar (or white if … Continue reading Papaya Jam recipe: