The city that never sleepsFull of mystic, lights, billionaires & beggarsThe playground of Indian's eliteAnd kids play cricket on every streetHow I miss this city It may have the Gateway of India But it has the gateway to azadi  Even if the smog blocks the lightWalk down the streets as the autos and kallipilli wizz… Continue reading Mumbai


There is no shortness breathSay some words take heftI look out for patienceAs my thoughts are stuck in the station My mind needs to be activeMy mouth is protractedThere is intellectual theftEven if I am not bereft The chief culprit is meI feel like an amputeeMy knowledge dispossessedAs though I'm not even the best of… Continue reading Stuttering

The 2019 General Election

My Election Round Up The last five weeks have been a blur. I quit my job and dived head first into Luciana Berger campaign. In my last post wrote that I hadn’t been happier in ages and the truth is that I have been elated for the last few weeks.  I know why, even though… Continue reading The 2019 General Election

Next time we speak, I want to hear about your DREAMS!

When you find yourself a Richard Osho, hold on to them as tight as you can, because there is no greater feeling when you find someone who loves you for nothing other than yourself. Here's some context. Rich and I were catching up over the phone and then Rich decided that he wanted to give… Continue reading Next time we speak, I want to hear about your DREAMS!

The Last Sun

A short story that I wrote at work last week during my lunch The sun crept over the horizon. The sea glistening. The water just a sparkling golden sheen, The waves roll in and crash into the rocks, as though they are completing an act of violent vengeance. The sound only disturbed by the chirping… Continue reading The Last Sun

My Love of Rugby

The rugby world cup is on and apart from the glorious memes that have been brought by the chaos of the French team, the typhoon and the of course the various online communities that I am participate in have all reminded me why I love this game. Now I always claim that cricket is my… Continue reading My Love of Rugby

Grasping Air

I’ve always been a dreamerYou would describe me as ridiculousAnd I would scoff at your tone as preposterousAll the fun and games, nothing wrong with our demeanour The world is your oysterThat is what I was toldMore a tale for the oldAs far as I can tell, there’s not even a pot to stir I… Continue reading Grasping Air