Nitin Sawhney

British Indian musician and composer Nitin Sawhney Shame is a powerful motivator to stop someone from speaking out. Allows the perpetuation of boundaries to exist that a person is a prisoner of themselves. Career success will not end one's discrimination. Only highlights your existence. One must not only succeed, but also challenge the institution that … Continue reading Nitin Sawhney

Roger Deakins

Celebrated cinematographers, Roger Deakins.The best teams are not the ones who just complement each other, but one where there is trust and knowledge where the weaknesses are.In photography, composition is everything. When selling idea, it's the same.When there are fast changes, the core needs to evolve. Don't just follow technological changes, but ensure that you're … Continue reading Roger Deakins

Bryan Hughes

Texas Republican State Senator Bryan Hughes just hours before the first law suit was filed against a doctor under the new law.Connect messages to emotions. The phrase: "mother's heartbeat" as the earliest memory, apart from being bogus, is extremely effective in creating an idea to latch on to.Want to change the law without political consequences, … Continue reading Bryan Hughes

Carlos Fernando Chamorro

Nicaraguan journalist and former revolutionary Carlos Fernando Chamorro.Daniel Oetega is a prick.  Results are important, but processes are vital. Simply, the processes determine the nature of the outcome. Suppressing democratic freedoms vs suppressing freedom of speech/media to have for economic and social freedom. The style of the outcome may be similar but the nature will … Continue reading Carlos Fernando Chamorro

James Mitchell

American psychologist James Mitchell 2017 interview, the difference between legal and necessary:When considering torture, the conversation around deontological and consequentialism is maybe the wrong way to think about it. We should also consider duty. One cannot say that torture is a moral good, but that is not always the point that matters. Depending on the … Continue reading James Mitchell

Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani in 2011 ten years after 9/11. I'm the darkest times there are always people willing to help. In politics, timelines are a problem. They create deadlines that are scrutinised against objectives. Doing the objectives as well as possible, is the shrewd thing to do if you care about legacy. Voters, unfortunately, like action. In … Continue reading Rudy Giuliani

Omar Zakhilwal

Former Afghan finance minister Omar Zakhilwal An unpopular decision to be pragmatic, is usually the best way to ensure peace and stability in a post war conflict. Being able to hold someone accountable, requires being respected by the other side. USA military withdrawal resulted in a military take over the country, instead of a political resolution … Continue reading Omar Zakhilwal