Papaya Jam recipe:

Ingredients:5 Kilos of papya,1 kg of sugar5-10 tablespoons of lemon juice26g of pectin Recipe Peel, deseed 5 kilos of ripe papaya.Mush three kilos, roughly chop the remaining two kilos.Place on stove and boil, while constantly stirring.Once it starts to boil;Add 13g of pectin powder after boiling.Stir in pectin.Add 1kg of brown sugar (or white if … Continue reading Papaya Jam recipe:

Lock Down

Like most people in the world, I've been stuck in my home for most of the day. It's alright to be honest. I'm occasionally late to work, I'm cooking similar meals, talking to long lost friends and reading a lot more. I've been taking my camera with me when I go on the same walk … Continue reading Lock Down