Sitting on the grass. What felt like a farce.I left to escape hell, only to find that it was within me. There are no demons that follow. The am the demon, the gargoyle... the mutant. Constantly in dispair. My hope comes alive when I can escape pain; by avoiding reality.I don't want to escape to … Continue reading Inside


I wrote this on the Sixth of February 2016 With some small adjustments Ramblings through the parks and even the city. Surrounded, but alone. I hear the buzz in my pockets. It's then I remember that no matter where I am, I'm never more than arm reach away from a friend.

Just some quick thoughts on the Brexit from yesterday

The UK-EU Custom Offer for the entire UK. Source: RTE Won’t be done prior to the April 2019 deadline, legal issue as not allowed under Art50. Still no knowledge if it would tie either side to each other a-la Turkey-EU Custom Union No knowledge on compliance. Does solve the N. Ireland issue as no fragmentation … Continue reading Just some quick thoughts on the Brexit from yesterday