Entry 33

The end of the week! And quite early for a release of my blog. Today I had one of those marvellous 9am starts (seriously should be a criminal act against students) where we had a wonderful lecture about the loss of control and diminished responsibility, which is a partial defence against murder. And only murder, … Continue reading Entry 33

Entry 24

Today has been a ridiculously long day! I’m really knackered but still, have more work to do to be prepared for tomorrow. I don’t have loads of energy as well so I won’t write a typical length blog. Sorry to disappoint. Today started with Land Law, and honestly, I really like land law (yes, I’m … Continue reading Entry 24

Entry 23

Today was a slightly different Wednesday for me. While I usually just have Equity followed by Tort, today I headed into University quite early and decided to work on Contract Law. Hence I will jabber about my thoughts on it. I don’t really talk about contract law on the blog, and that’s due to it … Continue reading Entry 23