A reading list for Sanchi

Now, I didn't forget my friend's Sanchi's birthday. I just got the date wrong. This isn't my way of saying happy birthday, I did call her and wish her. However, it's a start to a proper apology. Recently she asked me for a reading list on philosophy, so I thought I might as well share… Continue reading A reading list for Sanchi

Standing on the Shoulders of a Dragon

My trip to Switzerland, was all about catching up my friend Allen before he heads back to Shanghai. Just a normal view in Switzerland The theme of the last couple of blogs have been friendship and this is the finale of the three (that's the plan). How to say goodbye to someone you care about,… Continue reading Standing on the Shoulders of a Dragon

Community Ties

Joining YLS, making friends, a cooking competition and what the future holds For the uninitiated, YLS stands for Young Lohana Society which is the youth wing of the LCNL (Lohana Community of North London). Now, Lohana is the caste (or Varna if you want to be more classical) that I am born into. Now, this… Continue reading Community Ties

Some Reflections On Friendships

I had a couple of interesting chats last week with different friend groups. The main topic, was regarding the longevity of friendships and how over time people just disappear. Involved in their own world and then moving from chatting constantly to weekly, to monthly and then essentially never. They say that'll meet up and then,… Continue reading Some Reflections On Friendships